• Such a busy little bee.

    Welcome back, my imaginary visitor. I like to imagine that people actually visit my site. It’s probably all my imagination. I also like to imagine that there’s a single person in Bangladesh that obsessively visits my site to fill the void in his life, and the OCD in his head.

  • My favorite typo.

    My favorite typo when I’m writing python code is “enumerage.” I make this mistake about 25% of the time I try to type “enumerate” for some reason. And every time I have to giggle a little. Something about the idea of Number Rage tickles the little kid in me (or perhaps more etymologically correct, Counting Rage). I imagine a person getting angrier and angrier from the mere sight of numbers. Numbers anywhere. They can’t stand the numbers. Especially when the numbers are in order.

    Do you have a favorite typo?

  • Fun Trick #1

    Here’s a fun trick in Maya. This creates a locator with no name:

    import maya.cmds as cmd
    cmd.spaceLocator(n = '1')

    It seems like I always manage to accidentally do this in every 3D package I try.

  • My Oodles of Unemployment

    Hello World!

    I have been happily unemployed for some time now. Happily? Yes! As long as it doesn’t last forever, I’m quite happy getting a chance to work on some of my own projects. R&R for the weary working programmer at heart. And now I think it’s about time I shared some of what I’ve been doing with my oodles of spare time.

    I started with tool making and later progressed to more tool making. I love making tools. I really do. I think I would be equally if not more happy working at a job making tools than rigging. In fact, I’m considering pursuing a job making tools over rigging. If that doesn’t pan out, then I’ll start transitioning from using my spare time making tools to rigging. And making rigging tools.

  • Jobs, Viruses and other fun things!

    So this last weekend I received an excellent question on creative crash. In fact, any question would have been a great question since it was my first response to Good Parenting at all! But this actually was a good question! Why use buffers and when to use them? Oh man, I had to answer this question! So I fired up my trusty webspace to upload some nice picture explanations and get the show on the ro– Ack! I couldn’t log in.

  • My First API Deformer

    So much has been happening, where to start? How about Maya’s API. So I decided to learn how to swim, and jumped into the deep end of Maya’s API last month. It was the deep end, because I decided to start with writing a deformer in Python. I thought that python would be the simpler language to do it in before trying C++, since the last time I touched C++ was more than a few years ago. Boy was I wrong.

    So lets imagine this situation. There is a company out there that does the best work in their field. And that’s the company you want, since they’re the best. They are of course located in Japan, the mecha center of this industry. So you hire their most flexible agent. He shows up at your door, and the first words he says are, “Hello, me the name associated with subject Super Agent Man is.” Huh? The most flexible agent from the best company in the world speaks English with a Japanese grammatical structure? How does that make any sense? Well, it doesn’t. But that’s Maya’s Python API. You can write it in Python, but you’re still speaking C++.

  • Witness the firepower of this fully operational website

    The upgrade to a wordpress website complete with blog is finally done (though I plan to continue tweaking little things here and there). This is the first wordpress website I’ve created. I must say I’m pleased with the way it turned out. I enjoyed using wordpress as a cms in general because working with it fit right into my current skill level with php, css, and jquery. It’s much easier to update than the pitiful experimentation I did with php in the last iteration of my website.


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