The upgrade to a wordpress website complete with blog is finally done (though I plan to continue tweaking little things here and there). This is the first wordpress website I’ve created. I must say I’m pleased with the way it turned out. I enjoyed using wordpress as a cms in general because working with it fit right into my current skill level with php, css, and jquery. It’s much easier to update than the pitiful experimentation I did with php in the last iteration of my website.

The theme I made was inspired from Vermillon by Benoît Burgener. When I saw Vermillon I instantly thought, “That sliding thing. A demo reel could go there. I need to put a demo reel there!” So I used it as a base, and nearly re-wrote everything including the jquery slider at the top to get it working how I wanted!

This theme, Flying Turtle, would probably make a grown wordpress developer cry but I am releasing it as open source since that’s the kind of guy I am. And the GPL license of Vermillon makes me. But mostly because I’m just that kind of guy. If you want it to show off your own awesome Demo Reel, shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to package it up for you. If enough people email me I’ll put it up here.

This is the first blog I’ve had since High School and the first professional blog I’ve ever created. Since then I have learned a few things about blogging. As such I fully intend to update this beast as sporadically as possible with content mostly pertaining to my work at hand. With as little ranting and none of the social drama that so consumed my life as a teenager. I hope you will bear with my occasional missteps as I curse the day various software developers ever wrote their first snippets of code.