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  • Demo Reel Updated!

    I’ve finally updated my demo reel! It has my new smooth stretch algorithm front and center. If you didn’t quite understand some of the concepts of my previous posts, you should definitely look at the video. I think it makes the concept if not the math a lot easier to understand.

  • Jobs, Viruses and other fun things!

    So this last weekend I received an excellent question on creative crash. In fact, any question would have been a great question since it was my first response to Good Parenting at all! But this actually was a good question! Why use buffers and when to use them? Oh man, I had to answer this question! So I fired up my trusty webspace to upload some nice picture explanations and get the show on the ro– Ack! I couldn’t log in.

  • Witness the firepower of this fully operational website

    The upgrade to a wordpress website complete with blog is finally done (though I plan to continue tweaking little things here and there). This is the first wordpress website I’ve created. I must say I’m pleased with the way it turned out. I enjoyed using wordpress as a cms in general because working with it fit right into my current skill level with php, css, and jquery. It’s much easier to update than the pitiful experimentation I did with php in the last iteration of my website.


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