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  • Guppy Animation Tools is getting an update!

    Hello everyone! Or should I say, hello anyone? Is anyone out there? I have more I want to say about my math-ridden adventures in VR, but I need to interrupt my irregularly scheduled blogging broadcast to bring you urgent news! I have some time set aside to exclusively update Guppy Animation Tools. I expect this next release will have many breaking changes, so I’ve just released the last maintenance update to Guppy Animation Tools.

    For this update I want to:

    • Rewrite all GUI’s into QT (expect small tweaks to the UI’s nothing earth shattering).
    • Remove features that are either replicated by Maya or don’t seem to be used by many people.
    • Rewrite any code that makes me squint and question my own intelligence. (Guppy Animation Tools was written as I learned python. And it shows in some areas.)

    What does this mean to you, my dear intrepid reader? It means, if you use a feature and want it to stay, have noticed a bug and want it fixed, or want a new feature, NOW is the time to tell me! For everyone else, as you were!

  • All play and no work makes Jack a dull applicant.

    Yes, I have in fact been doing work this past year! Lots of it, actually. A 45 hour standard work week doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Which is why this blog and Guppy Tools have sadly been neglected. Don’t get me wrong, Guppy Tools isn’t broken. I just haven’t been able to give it the love it needs to reflect my current skill level. I hope to change that soon though.

    What’s my current skill level you ask? Well, it just so happens that I recently asked my supervisor at Luma Pictures if I could show off a little of what I’ve been doing. And luckily for both of us, I got the go ahead! May I proudly present: Close Contact, a C++ deformer I made solve to approximate collisions a few months ago.

  • Demo Reel Updated!

    I’ve finally updated my demo reel! It has my new smooth stretch algorithm front and center. If you didn’t quite understand some of the concepts of my previous posts, you should definitely look at the video. I think it makes the concept if not the math a lot easier to understand.

  • Guppy Animation Tools Released!

    The particularly astute imaginary visitor will notice that I’ve uploaded Guppy Animation Tools to Github. This is the first repository I’ve put on Github related to Maya. It is a collection of animation scripts and plugins I’ve written in the past eight months or so.

    In keeping with my original goal of getting my work to the masses, this collection includes both finished and unfinished works. Clever Keys, one of my most polished scripts, is in this repository. It is a much more recent version of Clever Keys than is on my website or creative crash, with several new bug fixes. Guppy Animation Tools also includes my newest and most untested animation script, Lock ‘n Hide. Lock ‘n Hide lets animators lock and or hide attributes on referenced nodes. Those are two of the six tools in this repository, so if you’re an animator in search of some fun tools go check it out! If you find a bug please report it!

  • Fun Trick #1

    Here’s a fun trick in Maya. This creates a locator with no name:

    import maya.cmds as cmd
    cmd.spaceLocator(n = '1')

    It seems like I always manage to accidentally do this in every 3D package I try.

  • My Oodles of Unemployment

    Hello World!

    I have been happily unemployed for some time now. Happily? Yes! As long as it doesn’t last forever, I’m quite happy getting a chance to work on some of my own projects. R&R for the weary working programmer at heart. And now I think it’s about time I shared some of what I’ve been doing with my oodles of spare time.

    I started with tool making and later progressed to more tool making. I love making tools. I really do. I think I would be equally if not more happy working at a job making tools than rigging. In fact, I’m considering pursuing a job making tools over rigging. If that doesn’t pan out, then I’ll start transitioning from using my spare time making tools to rigging. And making rigging tools.

  • Jobs, Viruses and other fun things!

    So this last weekend I received an excellent question on creative crash. In fact, any question would have been a great question since it was my first response to Good Parenting at all! But this actually was a good question! Why use buffers and when to use them? Oh man, I had to answer this question! So I fired up my trusty webspace to upload some nice picture explanations and get the show on the ro– Ack! I couldn’t log in.


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