The particularly astute imaginary visitor will notice that I’ve uploaded Guppy Animation Tools to Github. This is the first repository I’ve put on Github related to Maya. It is a collection of animation scripts and plugins I’ve written in the past eight months or so.

In keeping with my original goal of getting my work to the masses, this collection includes both finished and unfinished works. Clever Keys, one of my most polished scripts, is in this repository. It is a much more recent version of Clever Keys than is on my website or creative crash, with several new bug fixes. Guppy Animation Tools also includes my newest and most untested animation script, Lock ‘n Hide. Lock ‘n Hide lets animators lock and or hide attributes on referenced nodes. Those are two of the six tools in this repository, so if you’re an animator in search of some fun tools go check it out! If you find a bug please report it!