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  • I’m sorry about your cat.

    You know how embarrassing and awkward it is getting back in touch with someone you haven’t talked to in a really long time? It usually goes something like this:

    So. Umm, hi.
    It’s me.
    Remember me?
    We used to hang out. And then we stopped talking a few years back.
    I don’t remember why.
    You know that one time when you were like “Oh, man, I totally owe you for that.”
    Well, I have this favor that I need to ask…

  • My favorite typo.

    My favorite typo when I’m writing python code is “enumerage.” I make this mistake about 25% of the time I try to type “enumerate” for some reason. And every time I have to giggle a little. Something about the idea of Number Rage tickles the little kid in me (or perhaps more etymologically correct, Counting Rage). I imagine a person getting angrier and angrier from the mere sight of numbers. Numbers anywhere. They can’t stand the numbers. Especially when the numbers are in order.

    Do you have a favorite typo?

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