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  • All play and no work makes Jack a dull applicant.

    Yes, I have in fact been doing work this past year! Lots of it, actually. A 45 hour standard work week doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Which is why this blog and Guppy Tools have sadly been neglected. Don’t get me wrong, Guppy Tools isn’t broken. I just haven’t been able to give it the love it needs to reflect my current skill level. I hope to change that soon though.

    What’s my current skill level you ask? Well, it just so happens that I recently asked my supervisor at Luma Pictures if I could show off a little of what I’ve been doing. And luckily for both of us, I got the go ahead! May I proudly present: Close Contact, a C++ deformer I made solve to approximate collisions a few months ago.

  • Demo Reel Updated!

    I’ve finally updated my demo reel! It has my new smooth stretch algorithm front and center. If you didn’t quite understand some of the concepts of my previous posts, you should definitely look at the video. I think it makes the concept if not the math a lot easier to understand.

  • My First API Deformer

    So much has been happening, where to start? How about Maya’s API. So I decided to learn how to swim, and jumped into the deep end of Maya’s API last month. It was the deep end, because I decided to start with writing a deformer in Python. I thought that python would be the simpler language to do it in before trying C++, since the last time I touched C++ was more than a few years ago. Boy was I wrong.

    So lets imagine this situation. There is a company out there that does the best work in their field. And that’s the company you want, since they’re the best. They are of course located in Japan, the mecha center of this industry. So you hire their most flexible agent. He shows up at your door, and the first words he says are, “Hello, me the name associated with subject Super Agent Man is.” Huh? The most flexible agent from the best company in the world speaks English with a Japanese grammatical structure? How does that make any sense? Well, it doesn’t. But that’s Maya’s Python API. You can write it in Python, but you’re still speaking C++.


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